Devils National Hockey League: Fitzgerald Confronts Difficult Agency Season Amid COVID Crisis

Late by a week and three months, the Devils National Hockey League free agency lineup is going to be launched at noon on Friday. The market opening could mean major players joining the effort to rebuild the Devils.

Tom Fitzgerald, the current GM, has about 425.6 million set aside for dealing after Thursday. This previous Thursday he jockeyed for veteran defenseman Ryan Murray at $4.6 million for a single season. While that’s more than most teams and more than most singular players, the market is not saturated in the least with options in free agents. Additionally, due to the pandemic, the going rate this year is nearly nothing but a big unknown.

Next season’s cap is flat at $82.5 million, and probably will remain so the year after too. This remains a big issue for clubs: lost revenue may become daily mail. The 2021’s Devils National Hockey League season, which might be starting in early January, isn’t looking too good with this cap and no fans in the stands for this beginning year.

Fitzgerald addressed the matter with, “There’s so much uncertainty. We have gone through prepping the last bunch of weeks. Now it’s just going through needs. Where do we think we need help? Who do we want to call first? Who do we want to kick tires with? What is it going to cost? What does the term look like? I’m just trying to be patient.”

Among other needs, the most that the Devils National Hockey League game needs right now is wingers and score goals, and the blue line. After buying out Cory Schneider on Thursday, they desperately need a goalie to be behind Mackenzie Blackwood.

The Devils missed the playoffs seven times these last eight seasons in the National Hockey League. They are going to need a lot of help, even after obtaining Murray from Columbus Blue Jackets for the 2021 pick. Despite Fitzgerald plans of activity, he’s given hints that he can’t be chasing the biggest fish agent in the pond.