“Nvidia RTX 3080 without boxes”!! Read to know customers got very angry and complaining about this!!

It’s a high chance to grab the Nvidia RTX 3080 if you miss to snag it earlier. So for all the buyers here is good and sadly lousy news. The good news is most of the dealers and marketers have said to improve the situation of Nvidia RTX 3080. In contrast, terrible information is it will remain challenging in stock, so if you miss out the chance earlier don’t lose hope.

Availability: Nvidia RTX 3080

If you are feeling to buy, this is a difficult task but don’t worry. The company has assured to increase its production and manufacturing process, which will allow for ampere, Samsung’s 8N. But the company disappoint the customers as they have collected their graphic card without any retail packaging that means without any box or covering.

Reviews: Nvidia RTX 3080

A few hours ago, the Reddit post began to appear in which complaints are there. The customers were angry and said the graphic cards which are so delicate doesn’t come in any retailing box. Is this a way of delivering graphic cards? One customer complaints. One of the photos has shared with us, showing it is just came wrapped in the bubble-wrap bag and nothing else. Many customers have a complaint about it.

It says “received 3080 from Newegg, only GPU, no retail packaging? Similarly, customers registered more complaints like that, Commenting on this EVGA’s Jacob freeman said it might get shipped with the bulk from Newegg due to which many customers got damaged as they were not expecting this. To reach its customer back, one of the customers received mail from Newegg which states that it might be a mistake and might your get packed with bulk. To this customer doubted is this is new or unused as regular graphic card should be because it is a bulk item.

Replacement: Nvidia RTX 3080

To this, Newegg replied that if they want a replacement, they can get it. So that company could process the prepaid shipping label. Company apologize for this and give regard for understanding this time. The Newegg is ready to replace this to keep their customer happy and satisfied. They assured their customer this will not happen again and they will be more careful next time.