‘Among Us’ is the new craze of the COVID period, Maps and other Important information about the game and

Among us

Among Us is an online game that established on June 15th, 2018. It is a multiplayer social deduction game. The game created by an American game studio, InnerSloth. The setting of this game is space-themed. It can have four to ten people in a group. Among these people, there are two types of people Impostor and Crewmates. The impostor’s duty is to secretly kill people and not act suspicious. Crewmates’ job is to complete their tasks and stay alive.

The popularity of Among Us has been increasing in 2020. The initiative was by South Korean and Brazilian content creators. Consequently, from mid-2020, most players were located in Mexico, Brazil and South Korea. Twitch streamers and YouTubers started playing the game and uploading their videos. Known personalities such as xQc, Pokimane, Shroud, Ninja, and PewDiePie, who are playing this game.

The pandemic is a reason of Among Us popularity:

Firstly, the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has economies to follow social distancing and urged us to avoid meeting people. As a result, many friends and family member are not meeting each other. People can create private games and share the code with the people they want to play with. This game is a way to connect to Individuals.

Secondly, apart from the pandemic, there is another reason behind the prominence of Among Us. Unlike other games like PubG and Warframe, a wider range of individuals can play this game. This game is very easy to play. When people hear the term “online multiplayer social game” they think of something like PubG, which is difficult for many persons. However, it is not the same for the newly famous game. It is easy to explore the game.

Thirdly, besides playing this game private, an individual can join public games and meet new people. Since this game is more accessible and simpler to use more people play it. This means players can build more connection. With the current pandemic, gamers and non-gamers found a middle to connect to each other.


Lastly, Among Us is available on any smartphone system. Users claim that playing it on a smartphone is much simpler. People who play privately with their friends, use Discord and Microsoft Teams to talk to other game members. Discord and Microsoft Teams are video and voice calling apps, which has become popular because of the pandemic. The players can talk and play.

Details on Among Us:

The interesting part of this game is the players. The host of the games needs to decide the number of impostors in a game; the number of tasks for each crewmate and the kill time/cooldown time for the impostor to kill another crewmate. A group can have three imposters people maximum. The host cannot assign the impostor’s position. In other words, the game automatically decides the imposters on a random base. The game has three servers: Europe, Asia, and North America. The host needs to select a server.

Additionally, as the player opens the game, they need to give a username that is changeable after every game. If the individual is playing a private game, he or she needs to get one code under the “private” section from the host to be a part of the game. Although, if the player wants to play publicly, they need to select the “public” section and choose any game they want.

Each member can choose a color according to its availability. They can even choose a hat of their choice. There is an option of having pets but they need to pay an extra amount for the pets. Besides the pets, everything else is free in this game.

The crewmates are given a set of tasks to do in the game. For example, they need to download data, upload data, fix the lights, fix the reactor, fix the wires, and fill the fuel. The tasks mentioned are the common task that every map has. Maps have their own set of different tasks.

Maps in the game:

There are three maps in Among Us: The Skeld, Polus, and Mira HQ. These maps have different layouts. Each map had its own advantages and disadvantages. Every map has vents, which only the imposters can use. Most of the time the impostor vents after killing someone, in order to not be seen next to the body.

The Skeld is the primary map of Among Us. This map is set on a space ship. On the right side of the map, there are a weapon room, navigation, laundry, and shields. The middle part of the game consists of a cafeteria, admin, and storage. On the left side of the game, there is a lower engine, upper engine, reactor room, security, and medbay (medical room).

Mira HQ is the second map of Among Us. It had many of the same rooms as The Skeld. Moreover, there is a balcony, a laboratory, and a launchpad on this map. This map is considered to be a vent based map. In other words, every room has a vent and it is connected to each other.

Polus is the third map. It has the same rooms as the other two maps. Nevertheless, the map looks very different than the other. This map is a planet based. Many players believe that Polus is the most difficult map for the crewmates and the impostors.

Important information about the game:

When the dead body is found by the crewmate they will get a report option on the bottom right of their screen. That option calls for an emergency meeting between the crewmates. They are supposed to discuss who the possible impostor is. Once they decide who the suspect is they need to vote for that player so that he or she is thrown out of the game. The person who is accused needs to defend themselves.

The dead players still have their souls, so they can continue doing the tasks. One more advantage of the impostor is that they can sabotage particular areas. This means the impostor can lock some places according to their convenience to kill a crewmember. In private games is it easier to talk about the impostor since they most probably are connected via a calling app. In public games, they need to talk in the chat section.

Importantly, if all the impostors are voted out the crewmates win the game. On the other hand, if even one impostor is alive until the game of the game, the Impostors win.
By- Seher Arif

The name of the game, Among Us, means that someone among us is the Impostor.