“Xbox Series” X game dev on what it means for open worlds!! Detail about the game and other specification!

Advancement in technologies has made our life easier and more comfortable. It benefits all the section, but the gaming fans enjoy the most significant advantages. The modification in the graphics card, The GPU and CPU technologies has made the gaming experience better and better. With the introduction of the NextGen in every console, the gaming experience will be at the next level.


Recently, In an interview the most famous game creator and creative director of “Little chicken gaming company” Thomas Sala has also specified that his next game that will release under the Microsoft will not require any “Smoke and mirror ” to hide the errors as the game will be launching on Xbox next-gen series.

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Release Date:- Falconeer

Thomas sala as an independent game creator in association with Microsoft Xbox going to release a brand new dogfight game on Xbox X and Series S. The Xbox officials have announced that the game will be going to release on November 10, 2020, naming ” Falconeer.”

The gaming fans will be amazed by the quality and the gameplay of the game.

Specifications: Falconeer

Falconeer will be going to release in the latest Nextgen series of Xbox. Hence, Thomas sala as a game creator has enough range in term of speed and specifications as next-gen will enchase the performance and graphic level with fast loading of the game. The game will be in 60fps with all the detailing that will give it extra crystal edges. Earlier using 60Fps impose comprises in the quality and the gameplay of the game.

Thomas exclaimed that he is trying the best to provide the gamer with a more realistic experience with fast loading. The 4K display will provide real experience in the game. We all know that the Xbox will have Dolby atoms which will give the best quality surround sound in the game. The music director of the Falconeer, Benedict Nichols has composed excellent music composition for every moment that will enhance the playing experience of the gamer as well as the intensity of the moments like fights, aiming etc.

The games will indeed find the difference in the game quality and the gameplay. They will be mesmerised by the game.

It will be hard for the gaming fans to wait till 10th November 2020 for the game.

Official trailer:- Falconeer