Nvidia delays the launch of the RTX 3070 to October 29!! Check out other details you should know!

We are living in a gaming generation. The online reel life is much more beautiful as compared to real life. We all are spending a significant portion of our daily hours in playing games. The advancement in technology like GPUs, CPU and many more give as more realistic experience in the gaming section.

NVIDIA GeForce is one of the best American multinational company that manufacture the advance graphical processing units for all the generation of computer. Video card or display card or graphic card is the top gaming parts; they manufacture to enhance our gaming experience.

All the gaming fans are eagerly waiting for the new advance Video card of GeForce RTX 3070, But a piece of bad news for all the gaming fans, they need to wait for two more weeks to grab their RTX 3070.

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Release date: RTX 3070

The franchise was very excited to put forward their new product RTX 3070, but they have delayed the launch date to October 29,2020. The officials announced the information on the NVIDIA GeForce handle.

The official release date shifted from October 15, 2020, to October 29,2020.

The fascinating thing about the new launch date is that it merely happens to be the day after AMD’s Big Navi uncover on October 28. We’ve been examining the chance of Nvidia showing impedance with AMD’s dispatch to revealing an RTX 3080 with twofold the VRAM. However, perhaps this new move will demonstrate a more intense thunder-stealer.

Reason of the delay; RTX 3070

The delay of the two weeks will surely make them eager game fans disappoint. Company has announced this delay due to other global releases.

Company has also got several requests to increase the number of video cards in the future release, so the company has also delayed the launch to make it available several more cards to the players.

The number of cards to be launched is still a surprise at a low cost of 499 dollars.

So be ready on October 29,2020, to grab your RTX 3070.

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