“Apple iOS”: Is the release really worth it? Find out more about the Release Date, Features, Price and much more!

Apple iOS, as you may or may not know, iOS stands for the iPhone Operating System. It has been there in the technology industry for YEARS. By years, I mean years. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are some or very few of the people behind it.

Apple iOS 14.0.1: Release Date

Apple iOS 14 is probably one of the newest gadgets you have heard of right now. September 16th,2020 is when this gadget came out. I thought the pandemic had stopped all productions in some way or the other? I guess not this one. The power of the epidemic probably made it rise from the dead. Not a good joke? Okay, nevermind, let’s move on.

Apple iOS 14.0.1: Features

It seems that iOS solves the problem of internet-related bugs. Yes, it does. You are bug-free (that sounds weird). Your Apple News widget, it won’t have issues anymore as this gadget prevents it from images disappearing and again appearing. Not only this, but it also has cool features like opening your car with an app itself. Yes, you read it right(don’t worry, your eyes are not evil). However, a concerned user on the internet says,” Unfortunately, it looks like it breaks more than fixes.”

Apple iOS 14.0.1: Price

This specific update doesn’t cost anything; in fact, it is free of charge. However, iOS itself costs a bomb. How giant a bomb? Full of $30,000 kind of bomb. Is this update of Apple iOS worth it? Absolutely. Is Apple iOS itself worth it? Not at all. I would instead use that $30,000 to do many more things but if you have Apple iOS already, then why not update it? I’m sure half of your problems will get solved. Otherwise, on its own, I would never recommend Apple iOS as I, myself, am a fan of Android.

That’s it for today. I hope you all enjoyed reading one of my many articles! It is up to you to decide whether the update is really worth it or not. However, it also depends on the fact regarding you having Apple iOS because if you do, then great! Please do the update. If you don’t, it is honestly not worth to pay $30,000 for one device.