“William “Bill” McGuire’s Murder”: Did he get justice? Find out how he got killed, about the murderer and many more details!

William T. McGuire or “Bill” was murdered brutally by someone that is he thought was very special, and a loved one but the murderer thought otherwise. Without thought, they killed William T. McGuire by cutting up certain body parts in a very particular manner, and the rest is to be history(not really but I don’t want to kill the suspense). The most famous name for this murder is called the one and only, famous “Suitcase Murder”.  Lucky and would happily say that justice did get served, so the murderer did get a sweet little taste of their own medicine. Now how did he get justice? Why is it called the “Suitcase Murder”?Continue reading to find out more details. 

How did he get killed? 

Like I mentioned before, certain body parts of his were cut up in a very particular manner, but there’s much more to it than that. May 5th,2004, lo and behold, the first suitcase arrived. It contained a pair of legs. Yes, a pair of LEGS. This was when the murder investigation was launched. Six days later, another suitcase arrives with the head and torso of the man(William T. McGuire). We have the final suitcase that arrives on May 16th,2020. With what? The arms. This is the most absurd, cruel way somebody could get murdered(all murdered cases are cruel, no doubt but this one beats all) and not only that but one of the easiest way to identify the victim.

Who killed him?

None other than his spouse, Melanie McGuire. He didn’t even do anything wrong to deserve this; in fact, she is the wrong one over here. Not only did she kill him, but she claimed that he had slapped her, stuffed a dryer sheet in her mouth during the course of a heated argument between the couple. Not only this, but she had an intimate affair going on with Bradley Miller despite being together with William T. McGuire or “Bill” for 5 YEARS. 

Why was he killed? 

He was killed by her because apparently she was “motivated” enough to kill him and wanted to start a new life with the love of her life now, Bradley Miller. Who knows? Maybe she will deceit Bradley as well. There is no sense to this women, what so ever. Why couldn’t you have broken it off? Why do you need to do this when you have two lovely sons? The answers to these questions are yet to be found. 

Did he get justice? 

Luckily, he did get the well-deserved justice that he needed. Melanie is to rot in jail until she is 100 years old. Physically will she be able to kill another at 100? I don’t think so, but could justice be served in another way? Absolutely, however, as long as she doesn’t have the ability to kill another individual, I think all is good and well.