“Melanie McGuire, the murderer to her husband”: Has she disappeared into thin air? Find out more about it!

Melanie McGuire is the same selfish women who murdered William T. McGuire without any reason. She claimed that he slapped her, put a dry sheet in her mouth and stormed out during a heated argument. But what did the murderer do? She did a “suitcase murder” where she sends out three suitcases each with a particular body part. First being his pair of legs, second being his head and torso and third, being the arm. Including this, she had an intimate external affair with Bradley Miller. She was also claiming to be “motivated” to kill her husband to start a new life with her lover. 

Who is Melanie McGuire? 

Melanie McGuire, who is a mother, a murderer and a lover, that’s the perfect description for her. She was born in New Jersey on October 8th,1972. July 19th,2007, was when she went to murdering her husband at the time. Three years following the day and date of the murder. She had two lovely sons and claimed that on the night before the murder, her husband(William T.McGuire) had slapped her, put a dry sheet in her mouth and stormed off somewhere during a heated argument between the couple. These are one of the few reasons that ” motivated” her to kill her husband. Even when she went to prison, she didn’t have any shame and still decided to remain “innocent”. 

The second reason is that she had an intimate external affair with the exceptional Bradley Miller. To start a new life with him, she was “motivated” to kill her person. Now, there is something called a break-up/divorce in this case, but clearly, this women did not know about that. Leaving your kids to see the cut-up body of their father, I’m not sure isn’t fun at all. They would rather have her divorce him so they all can be happy rather than kill each other. 

Third, it seems to me that her occupation is a nurse. As a nurse, you treat patients and have empathy for them while also helping them go through the difficult phase of either their loved ones suffering or they, themselves suffering. In this case, it is the opposite. I don’t think she had any empathy for any of her patients as if she did, should never have murdered her husband as she would have understood how badly her beloved kids would suffer. She, herself, needs to go to a psychiatrist to get herself checked. Not only for her to wonder if she is doing the correct occupation or not but also if murdering her husband was the proper thing to do. 

What is her job? 

Her job is being a nurse and as usual, treating patients to become a better individual in some cases like being a psychologist while a doctor is treating the patient with their medical problems. Being a nurse is not an easy job and requires hard work. This woman doesn’t need any hard work nor any empathy. She never deserved kindness in the first place. Murdering someone is not only highly unethical but highly unnecessary unless it’s’s for the betterment. 

Where is she now? 

According to reports, she is serving her sentence in prison until she is 100 years old. We are happy to say that in one such case of murder, the victim has received justice in some way or the other. However, most of the times, the justice system has failed to do so and continues failing to do so. We need to fix this system as much as possible.