“Black Lighting Season 4”: Story of superhero and his group of super-powered humans saving ordinary citizens from the curtain of fire!!

Black lighting season 4 is the perfect example of a superhero series. Back in the old days, we imagine someone as a figure of a superhero who can solve our all problems and created our fantasy. Just like that through this series, we can able to see what we imagined.


Release date: Black lighting season 4

The last season appeared on screen in late January 2019. The viewers should be delighted to know that the officials have announced to create its season 4.but due to the impact of Covid 19 its shooting has postponed, and we are expecting its season 4 till the end of 2021. Stay tuned and high as a kite to watch its next superhero roles.

Cast: Black lighting season 4

 The series consists of cast members like Cress Williams who played the role of protagonist Black Lightning, China Anne McClain as Lightning, Nafessa Williams as Thunder, Christine Adams played the role of Lynn Stewart, Marvin “Krondon” Jones III as Tobias Whale and Jordan Calloway as Khalil Payne. The officials disclosed that the role of bill Henderson which was played by Damon Gupton, would not be in next season.


Plot: Black lighting season 4


Our fans are expecting a new storyline in season 4 due to change in the story, or you can say a twist which is given at the end of the season to their viewers. They are thrilled and enlivened to know what will happen in next season. Will new superheroes, will new role arrive??


Storyline: Black lighting season 4

Like the last season, we saw the rise of children which shows their courage by surviving the crossfire, which turned them into super soldiers. We saw the struggle, fight for the destiny of Freeland which was in chapter 3 known as:” book of war”. In this, the army rangers Gravedigger, guide Markovian army who conquer the city and try to cover all their proof which exhibits or reveal their crimes. Due to this attack, the black lighting and his superpower humans partners need to safeguard the ordinary humans from the blast.