“Log Horizon Season 3”: The anime is coming to ride you to the world of fantasy!! Read to know Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline and much more!

Log Horizon is a science fiction Japanese web series started in 2010 showing all over fantasy and drama, Kaziruho Hara somewhat illustrated this novel log horizon. Till now, the show comes up with two seasons which was released, and now it’s expecting another season furthermore coming to the public.

Release date: Log Horizon Season 3

As everything is affected by this pandemic of COVID so this season three also. Thankfully a piece of good news for our fans the producer issued official releases soon. The series was earlier going to release on Oct 2020, but it is a delay, and the release has forwarded to another date.

The producers are excited to complete it soon and release it as quickly as possible. So season 3 is predicted to release in early 2021.

Cast: Log Horizon Season 3

Till now there is no confirmation about new characters but, we are expecting the characters from the previous season to be seen in the coming season in company with some new faces. The characters coming with bloom are:

  • Akatsuki voiced by Emiri Kato
  •  Nayanta spoke by Joji Nakata
  •  Shiroe voice by Mike Nagar,
  •  Ashlynn voiced by Krystal LaPorte,
  •  Nayanta spoke by Jovan Jackson.
  •  Brigantia Jerk voiced by Katelyn Barr,
  •  Henrietta voiced by Ayah Takasaki,
  •  Nootsugu voiced by Tomoaki Maeno. 
  • Marielle voiced by Takuma UrashimaYumi Hara.


Plot: Log Horizon Season 3

This show is about spreading confidence to bring change in the world. This initiation done by guild building known as log horizon, build up by Shiroe along with friends Naotsugu and Akatuski.

The coming season comprises of the nuisance of new monsters they are putting on the trouble to the globe. There will be a group of monsters attacking in which the lead monster named Tenwazavai will be leading all the monsters in ambush. The drama includes full of fighting scenes between the characters like a fight between the east and the empires; a vast fight will also happen between Shiroe and some other dangerous monsters.

Storyline Of Log Season 3

The story of log horizon season 3, in the first season we have watch guild building built by shiroe, and his friends and shiroe were thinking about his lonely living. The executioner Akatsuki as a female character, also helped them inbuilt guild building along with other characters. Shiroe was ignored the human contact set out with his friends so that they can transform the world. 

But season 2, the featuring shoe and other creatures are captive in the tale of the game world and combating to adjust changes in lifestyles. 

Trailer: Log Horizon Season 3

Yet no trailer was released expecting to come nearby release date of this show.