Left 4 Dead 2 gets one final, massive update!! Here’s the Gameplay, Latest updates, and Release Date!!

Zombies are way cooler, aren’t they? A world which has come to a halt, well not the real world but the virtual multiplayer survival game, Left 4 Dead 2. Published and designed by Valve, the game has recently undergone some massive updates. The recent additions to the game have up the ante. Read more to find out!


Released in the year 2009, Valve’s iconic zombie shooters recently got this update after years. It seems forever that the players have been looking for something gigantic like this. So here it. Stepping into its 11th birthday next month, the developers have finally dropped the most significant update. So the latest update for the game is known as ‘THE LAST STAND’. It has officially released on 24th September 2020. It is available for free for this weekend. Yes! Even if you haven’t purchased the game on Stream, play free for the next three days. But if you want to play beyond Sunday, then all you have to do is spend $2 for the game The Last Stand DLC is available free for all PC players.


Left 4 Dead 2: THE LAST STAND has provided the gamers with significantly crazy new features to enhance the gameplay. The latest update includes new weapons, maps, enemies even a new campaign. Furthermore, new mutations called Rocketdude and Tank Run gives everyone access to the secret Counter-Strike Source weapon set and fixes tons of bugs and exploits. The last Stand adds more than 20 new survival arenas, four new scavenge arenas and a campaign mode on The Lighthouse map. There’s 30 recent achievements, new melee weapons, new and reworked character animations which is a wicked update for the game players. So, if you haven’t tried it yet, do it RIGHT NOW plus with the latest update, it is available for FREE this weekend.