“I Am The Sorcerer King” Chapter 72 coming up with Jin Roong Conquered by Calpisto even after Unlocking the Ferocious Azure Dragon Form!!

“I Am The Sorcerer King”  is in the trend of most liked Korean manhwas along with some others. It comprises of a total of 102 English translated chapters till now, and the last few chapters had unforeseen plot surprises that none of us expected. So, readers stick electrified to know what has come to light and also what is going to happen next.

Release date: ‘I Am The Sorcerer-King’ Chapter 72

We are so heading toward our most loved webtoon, which is most awaited. Sometimes we amuse to know the release date of our preference show but at the same time for some age groups found it most unfavourable for them. So coming on a release date of ‘i am the sorcerer-king’ chapter 72 is coming on 5 Jan 2020. We all are aware of the previous chapter 71 is releasing on 29 Dec 2019, and according to rules, it leads one week to come up with their new chapter again.

Scanalators: ‘I Am The Sorcerer King’ Chapter 72

Leviatan Scans are the primary cause of scanlation of manhwa ‘ i am the sorcerer-king’. The scalation team gathers, spotless and interpret the raws. Then proofreading, bold, and correction is then following. The group does a final check before issuing other chapters.


Characters:’ I Am The Sorcerer King’ Chapter 72

The trendy Manhwa covers characters like Lee, Sunghoon, the lead character Min Yeoyoung and, Michelle Howard. Kim Doojin, Lee Gisuk, Park Jin-suk, Lee Jin-suk and, Shin Sangjin make for other animated characters.

Plot: “I Am The Sorcerer-King” Chapter 72

So the cast Calpisto and the appreciable warlock Paelton wind up around humankind is a warning to be left alive. Furthermore, Jin Roong defeated Calpisto for this act of demolishing Yongjeong. However, Jin Roong converts into a cyanic dragon form. Calpisto attacks and Paeltons gravity magical powers overwhelm him. Despite the fact, the enemies continued consequently to disable Jin Roong and make him captive.

Storyline: “I Am The Sorcerer-King” Chapter 72

The last decade witnessed monsters arrival from not predicted situations and start harming humanity and, to some surprise to the case, lots of peoples knock up some quirky and religious abilities. These peoples began challenging these monsters to acquire cash and honour. The protagonist Lee Sunghoon is in awful need of money to start the treatment of his mother. Later He accepted to takeup this threatful job role of bait for other hunters, four times a month. This job leads him one day to face a monster, who had given scary injuries. This situation makes him remember his past days as a wizarding king. At last, he realizes and tries to recover his past knowledge and using this experience to make his current living finer.