“Homecoming Season 2”: Playing with Psychological Plots and astonishing us with dark secrets! Cast, Release Date, Plot, and more!

Homecoming is an American thrilling web series based on a theme of psychological stories and podcast with the same name created by Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg.

The first season was streaming on amazon prime video with its lead star Julia Roberts on 2 Nov 2018. this first season caught substantial positive responses from the fans and now eagerly waiting for the second sequel to release. The thrilling series was initially for two seasons. We were so coming to our latest homecoming season 2 going to feature soon on amazon prime video with all fresh episodes exciting stories and appreciated stars. So let’s move to the detailing of this show how far we know.

Cast: Homecoming Season 2

So breaking news for all of us is our lead role Julia Roberts is not further continuing in the show and to replace her, an American singer and actor Janelle Monae is now in the lead play. Chris Cooper as Leonard Geist, Joan Cusack as Francine Bunda, an equitably uncommon military woman and a comeback of Stephan James repeat his role as Walter Cruz.

Release dates: Homecoming Season 2

It is getting featured on 22 May 2020 officially on amazon prime video. From the sources kyle, Patrick Alvarez governs the second season. As per records season, two is more rolling than the first with much of effort engrossed in it.

Plot: Homecoming Season 2

As we all know, season change means the real story change to excite their favourites and meet their entertainment expectations. So this time there will be no Julia, and Janelle Monae will play the lead role. The latest season will all start with next level enigma beginning with Janelle awaken in the lake in a rowboat. She will deal with her lost memory and that so unaware of it and not able to dig up the reason for how she came here and showing all the mysterious parts. The thrilling show is once again welcoming viewers all unanswered doubt or questions at their best.

Storyline: Homecoming Season 2

So season 2 is a finale for this series where we all will get to know about the trapdoor lock is disclosed and also came to know about that Janelle Monae’s Jackie is none other than Alex. Alex was on a secret mission of trailing down old hand army Walter Cruz as an approval to his partner Audrey temple. Still, being a customer with intelligent thoughts, Cruz will sense questionable behaviour of her grounds.walter will go on a secret mission of barbing the staff’s drinks with memory removal- potion at that moment he catches eyes with Alex. However, she does recognise him.after all the members capitulate to the effect of drug Walter return and exchange with Alex.

Trailer: Homecoming Season 2