“HITMAN SEASON 1” introducing different starting locations and outfits!! Read to know Release Dates, Gameplay, and other informations!

Hitman is a stealth single-player video game. This game is a reboot of the worldwide franchise Hitman released in 2005 and Agent 47 released in 2015. The game has various stealth elements and action. The IO developers wanted the gamers to have a real-time experience as the ruthless assassin travels the world to kill the targets that have been assigned to him. The gameplay is equipped with artificial intelligence for every level. The game features a lot of episodic mysteries that Agent 47 overcomes to solve the unconnected assassinations.


Following the underperformance of Hitman: Absolution in 2012, the IO developers returned with Hitman on 11th October 2016. The game consisting of 6 episodes becomes the first instalment of the World of Assassination Trilogy. The developers tried to integrate the gameplay of Absolution with more stimulation and open-ended possibilities for Agent 47. It is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, MacOS, Stadia.


Initially, the first half is a bit bleak because there is nothing much to the character of Agent 47. The developers wanted the gamers to resonate with the surface, which however is not possible because he is simply a world-class assassinate who travels to international locations to eliminate his targets. The creators tried to give gamers a more real breathing world. Hitman has had various improvements and upgradations that stimulates more ways of killing or approaching the assassinations.

For instance, in previous games in the Hitman series, players had enough space to come to their assassins. Players could use the long-ranged snipers to kill from a distance as well as use blade weapons to kill the target from a close distance. The players also had the freedom to disguise as others by wearing their outfits to immobilize the other characters. The new features include sandbox type-level setups which give the players enormous opportunities to eliminate the targets. With options, the player has to complete several tasks towards ending the assassination.

Furthermore, different starting locations and outfits introduced will help the players more mobility than before. Mastery points introduced, will earn the players new gadgets, companies, places, different poisons and explosives. Time-limited, elusive target raised will help the players more. Once again, the Disguise Detection’ and ‘Instinct Mode’ similar to Absolution are reintroduced.