Harley-Davidson leaving India after facing huge financial downslope! Will “Miss The Iconic Brand” leave us?

Harley Davidson, of course, sounds classy and royal since it enters in India. It charmed so many personalities and been favourite to their day to day lives. The exemplary American brand started operations in India in 2009 and currently has a huge radius of products in the portfolio. But as of now, a piece of heartbreaking news shattered so many dreams that were not achieved till now. So let’s know thorough this news be stick with this page.

The reason behind this tough decision of exiting want to know. Why?

The decision of exiting India caused due to major loss to the brand. As till now the counting of bikes sold were only 176 in last month and 103 countings in July 2020 in India. Harley Davidson decided to quit India as a part of rewiring strategy. But one positive thing is that the company will continue to offer after-sales services in existence with other dealers network. The company decided to stop the production of motorcycles and officially announced on 24 September 2020.

The company decision was taken under rewire strategy and now will hub only on selective markets. After being an iconic brand, the H-D bikes demand steep down in India over past few days.there were major loss reporting to be $96 million between April 2020 to June 2020 which termed as 1st quarterly loss for the company .despite all the facts H-D is also facing some financial difficulties for some time now.

Official words: Harley Davidson

From an official reports statements given by “Harley-davidson, Inc.today stated that a part of the rewires and renovate of its operating model and market scenario, the company is changing its business plannings and appraising options to continue serving their clients. Harley Davidson decided to close the Bawal manufacturing facility and diminish the Gurgaon sales office. While thankful to their featured customers, they assured of keep in contact with them updated on future aid. The H-D company, according to a contract basis, continue supporting their existing customers.”