A knife attack being cause close to ex “Charlie Hebdo” office and seven people are captive, Fortunately.

As per the report of the official seven people are caught in attack mode and injured two people close by ex Charlie Hebdo office. This attack happened on Friday the main lead of this attack is 18 years from Pakistan caught close the scene. This attack seems like a terrorist attack, six people captured near the incident and interrogation. Ministery of home affairs Gerald Darmanin confirms that this incident shows it was lucidly a plane of Islamic terrorism. he also added police Misjudge the danger level at the place.

The assault seems like a high profile planning in 2015 in which the death reason of 12 peoples was done by 14 peoples impeaching two jihadists. In 2015 Charlie Hebdo left that place and further owned by television production company The Friday assault confirmed attackers name not disclosed by police but one report claim they were men and women working in the same television company.

Incident Reported By Officials.

State communicator France 2, done an interview on Friday with Mr.darmanin told that this new dangerous assault against our country, Against reporters the attack incidents, is the street were Charlie Hebdo office’s in this kind the terrorist function words by a minister. He also assured and strict command security this weekend for Yom Kippur the sacred day in the Jewish calendar. Mr. darmanin said still no lead doubt name disclosed, but they arrived in our country three years ago with Pakistani nationality.

Occurrence Of Assault:

Closed once of causality said they are smoking outside the news production agency when an assault takes place. One employee stated that when he moved to the window and saw a person in blood being hunted with a machete by a man. The founder and co-head of Premieres Lignes Paul Moreira said both peoples badly harmed the area sooner get sealed and the attacker captured soon along with machete. Police arrested the main lead if this attack and sooner 33 years old were also taken in custody half having suspect connected with the attack. Charlie Hebdo expresses his support and grievances with his former neighbours and casualties of the attack through a tweet.

Questions On New Hearing:

Charlie Hebdo initiated the starting of this case earlier this month by spreading photocopies of Prophet Muhammed arguable cartoon. The poster shows original comics had immense distress and protest in several Muslim communities. After the magazine printing cartoon the militant group al Qaeda responsible of 2015 attack given a dead the threat to head HR of the magazine.This killing marked a beginning of a tide of a jihadist attack that had left more then 250 death occurred in France.


2015 Flashback:

The case of 2015, 7 January that time two french Muslim brothers Cherif and Said Kouichi attack Charlie Hebdo office before opening gunshot to its staff. That time one of the four celebrated cartoonists, editor Stephane Charbonnier is known as Charb was killed. After a men hunt security forces control the situation, and finally attackers were dead. The assault victims are eight reporter’s, two police officer’s, one caretaker and one visitor.