Lets welcome a new voice coming to join “Family Guy” Season 19!! Youtuber “Arif Zahir” would replace Mike Henry!

There’s a surprised again for the Cleveland viewers now the “family guy” season 19 show casters found their fresh role player a brown voice. It’s none other than our best vocal player, a black YouTuber who can justify this role with calmness. Yes, we are talking about our only Arif zahir. The 26-year-old social media star is playing a role in forthcoming 19th season, which awaits to air in 2021.

Lead Cast: Arif Zahir

So zahir was all over known as a YouTuber, with increasing no. of followers. The love measures by the followers only, and he owns more than 6 million followers. Zahir is famous for his characterisation, which comprises Cleveland, Obama, trumpeted, Stewie Griffin,21 savage and many more. And a new statement added more excitement to zahir followers. Fox declares zahir is now replacing mike henry in upcoming 19th season of family guy. Since starting henry been playing this part but dropped down in June as other white voice characters did play black characters.

Ex lead role: Henry Statements

Arif zahir is the best pickup for this role henry himself said. Henry himself satisfied by giving up his position to zahir. Henry also acknowledges that he is a guy who can pick all the talents correctly. He also added I welcome Arif to the family guy team. Henry also appreciated Arif’s respect toward this character and his vocal talent. He said I would be looking ahead to know him more and working with him to make Cleveland as superb as zahir is. And now he satisfies enough the role is in safe hands.

Zahir’s emotions:

Arif said when he heard about henry dropping this role of Cleveland brown, one of my favourite cartoon character, I was upset. But after knowing I would play this part, I was overjoyed. He stated to Mike Henry “I’m perpetually obliged to receive this opportunity of honour of once in a lifetime.” He thanked Mike Henry, Rich Appel, Alec Sulkin and Seth Macfarlane for this unbelievable present. And lastly, he showed his affection and love to his fans, he promised never let down his fans’ expectations and will continue the legacy of this show.