Egyptian YouTuber and influencer couple “Ahmed Hassan” and “Zeinab” are under investigation and got detained for 4 days!!

Egyptian YouTuber and influencer couple Ahmed Hassan and Zeinab are under investigation for doing inappropriate prank with their daughter, who is just an infant. Isn’t it shameful just for gaining some followers and popularity to use own daughter who doesn’t even know how to talk or walk!!

They posted a video in which they have used their daughter, and they have done all the red makeup on her face. They want to show that it was all full of blood, and their daughter has fallen from stairs. Isn’t it surprising! There must be a limit in which you can do a prank. This isn’t a way of doing a prank.

The last June, they posted a video in which Zeinab was crying over the death of her father and her husband, who was trying to console her. They filmed the video over this sensitive issue. The fans and the viewers find it inappropriate as they were trying to show off instead of being in grief as they lost their family member.

Moreover, it not finished yet. Another video shows that Zeinab painted her face all in black and enters the room of her daughter. By seeing her mother like this, the baby girl git terrified and started crying. Over which her mother started laughing on her fear.
But they didn’t stop here. Despite the negative reviews they carried with their weird pranks. These pranks just come under the child abuse and exploitation of a child. Under the laws of Egyptian Anti-Human Trafficking, using their child for making money is a crime. It can cause a long term jail and a hefty fine.

Many of the followers have raised voice against tat infant worrying about her future. Her parents should not involve her in these kinds of hilarious pranks which can affect the mental health of this small child said by one fan. This caused a lot of anger amongst the viewer generating the reports amongst them. They reported a file against them in charges of child abuse. As a result, they were going under the investigation and got detained for four days.