YouTuber shows what “Bloodborne PS5 Remaster” could look like! New updates and details for a PS5 and PC Version!!

Ever since the game first released in the year 2015, fans have been in awe with the graphics and the gaming structure of this role-playing action game. Developed by From Software, Bloodborne has always had immense gaming populace, but there had been no news of the game to arrive on PS5. However, the rumours are true that Bloodborne will be very much a part of PlayStation Plus Collection on PS 5. It will allow the players to download and play the PS 4 version on next-gen consoles with no additional cost involved. However, a YouTuber did give us a nudge about the outlook of the PS 5 version of the game. Read more to find out everything!

Release Date: Bloodborne PS 5 Version

RedGamingTech, a YouTube channel known to provide accurate hardware leaks in the gaming industry has reportedly informed that according to some sources Bloodborne is coming to PS5 and PC. Well so far all we have are rumours, and there is no such official announcement for the PS 5 version of the game. However, there are rumours for a PC version of the game. There would not be a remake. However, fans will have to wait for a remastered version of the game to be out and official.

What’s in store for Bloodborne PS 5 version?

There’s been a lot of speculations concerning a PS 5 version of the game, Bloodborne. However, makers have not given anything concrete to believe the rumours. Youtuber and content creator SnazzyAI had taken the matter into their own hands as they release a video of the gameplay adapted into a 4k resolution with 60fps. The video of the gameplay is indeed apparent and gives a vague remastered look of Bloodborne. Fans wanting a PS5 version to utilise the high horsepower and amplifying graphic fidelity will have to hold their horses.