“YOU SEASON 3”: Will Joe end up in this prison with Love? Read to know more about Release Dates, Cast, Storyline, and more!

Hey, you! Ever love someone deeply. You know they are perfect for you, and you know they need you, so tell me, How far would you go for love? Netflix brings us a full ride ticket for the psychological, crime thriller ‘YOU’. A story of a charming, charismatic man who appears to go to extreme lengths to transfix himself in the life of the one he loves and God forbid if anything and yes anything goes wrong, he will stop at nothing to make things alright.



Fans should be ecstatic on hearing this that Yes, Yes, there is officially going to be a SEASON 3. After YOU made its debut, it was only a matter of time when they announced for season 2. Both the seasons were a huge hit and received glorious reviews. Netflix undoubtedly generated a huge viewership because of YOU. Caroline Kepnes, the writer of You Love Me and Hidden Bodies(which season 2 is an adaptation of) has twitted that she has finished the third book. The book is reportedly to release on 6th April 2021.

Now, we are hopeful that Netflix writers can bring up a script for YOU SEASON 3. Due to the ongoing pandemic, there is not much news about the release dates, but Netflix is still aiming for a 2021 release. There is not much of a trailer yet obviously, but we are sure it is going to be EPIC !!


There is no ‘You’ without Joe Goldberg so Penn Badgley will return for SEASON 3. We would also see the equally sinister girlfriend Love Quinn played by Victoria Pedretti as she survived the horrors of Season 2. We can take wild guesses about other cast members reviving, but the ones who met a grisly end in both seasons won’t return for sure like Becky, Candace or Delilah. Ellie might return to unravel Joe’s truth. We have to wait for this one folk!


There is a lot of speculations and fan theories for season 3, but nothing is known for sure. However, we know that season 2 ended with love showing her sinister side to Joe. She believes them to be the same and one. So, season 3 might pick up from where we left off season 2 with Joe and Love pregnant, and enjoying the suburban bliss whereas Joe overlooks and checks out his neighbour and says ‘Hello, You!’ We have heard that one before so we might as well be ready for another thrilling season. This season will have ten episodes like the last two seasons. There is not much of a trailer yet, but we will update you as soon as the other shoe drops.


The first season premiered on Netflix on Netflix dropped the first season on 9th September 2018 with ten episodes. The show follows a charismatic yet slightly disturbed Joe Goldberg, who meets Guinevere Beck at his book shop and immediately falls for her after a minute conversation with her. After which, he diligently stalks her social media accounts and starts following her to make out about her life and what is she hiding. The following events turn very tragic for Beck as Joe tries to remove anyone or anything that comes his way of love.

In season 2, Joe starts over his life in LA to escape his past(Spoiler alert, he killed Beck and a few others). He meets Love Quinn, AKA his immediate love interest. Joe is although a bit hesitant and says “Its tough to have a fresh start when the past is on your mind.”
Nevertheless, Joe, like always pursues his obsessive love and turns out love, is as crazy as Joe. Strangely finding himself in the same cage as Beck and seeing love’s psychotic killer side makes him freak out. However, in the end, love claims to be pregnant with his child. She also confesses that she killed Candace and Delilah. In the end, we see both enjoying the suburban bliss as Joe is reading a book, and love stands outside the porch. But a lot of questions remain unanswered. Does Joe end up in this prison with love? Is it Joe’s child? Fans have to wait for SEASON 3 to drop.