Where are William and Melanie McGuire’s children today? A suspected criminal case about a women who murdered her own husband!!

Melanie McGuire’s is women who were born in new jersey, which is renowned as the is criminal for the murder of her husband.
She was a computer programmer and nurse infertility clinic. She got married to Bill William in April 2004. A baby boy blessed them in 2000 and after two years again was blessed with a baby boy.

The twist: Where Are William and Melanie McGuire’s Children

Suddenly we got to know that she has an affair with Dr Bradley Miller and she wished that she could become a part of her children’s lives. She murdered her husband and packed brutually in three cases. She threw his husband in the Chesapeake Bay. Due to this, she investigated by officials, and she went under so many trials.

About her trials: Where Are William and Melanie McGuire’s, Children

She loved her children soo much, but due to the conviction of murder, they are taken away from them. She was sentenced and going through many trials, and she also got bails many times which raised 2.7 million. She reportedly accused her husband of extraordinarily violent and moody and abused her for domestic violence. Finally, she found guilty on April 23, 2007. Due to more trials, the judge convicted her the sentence for lifetime prison on July 19, 2007, at the age of 34. She didn’t even realize the fact along with her life she messed with the life of her children too.

About her children: Where Are William and Melanie McGuire’s, Children

William and Melanie McGuire’s children custody is given to Cindy logos. They are kept safely with bills elder sister for their safety and proper raising and education. However, their names are not in public records due to this case and privacy. Due to this privacy, we do not know much about them, and we didn’t even hear or had any official words from their mother.