“The Protector season 3”: Has it showered us with its episodes yet or will it do so soon? Find out about the Release Date, Cast, Plot and much more!

Hakan portrays/plays a very young shopkeeper whose modern world gets flipped upside down when he suddenly discovers that he is attached to an ancient secret order. This secret order is with him protecting Istanbul from an immortal enemy. I feel nowadays the only idea people get is something got to do with being immortal, being a demon or something between those lines. Create an original piece, please. 

Release Date: The Protector 3

Have you watched the movie? Neither have I and I didn’t even know it existed. Still, once upon a time Netflix had released a trailer and set a premiere date for “The Protector: Season 3,” which has already entered this world and showered us with its episodes dated from March 6th,2020.

Cast: The Protector 3

Some of the fantastic models include Çagatay Ulusoy. Hazar Ergüçlü, Okan Yalabik(I don’t even know them, yet I am calling them amazing, shouldn’t I be the amazing one?Anyways, that is not important right now). 

Plot: The Protector 3

As we all know,(I did not so I do not expect you to know any better), Hakan enters into a chaos-filled battle to save the place of Istanbul from returning to hell after the actions of his brother have taken place. His brother carries the blood of The Protector as well. While the city is going through disastrous moments, one of the many being the fatal virus(as if Covid-19 isn’t enough), Faysal and Ruya are getting closer and closer to their evil little plans. 

Storyline: The Protector 3

After Hakan’s adopted father(Neset) is KILLED,(not even just dying but killed, a bit extra isn’t it?),Hakan finds out about the lost told mystery that is he has to protect the city with all his soul into it(please don’t kill me for this). Hakan has no other option but to embrace his family’s legacy as the ultimate Protector, a hero I’d rather say, to kill the immortal and to keep the city alive(to prevent the destruction of it).

Trailer: The Protector 3

That’s all you get for today(you expected more, didn’t you?). I shall come and create more content a little later. Have a good day.