“Princess Diaries 3”: Will the company be releasing it in 2021 or will it postpone further? Updated Release Date, Cast and much more to be told!

An average, ordinary girl who is usually a timid and clumsy teen, suddenly discovers that she is the princess of Genovia. Genovia is an imaginary place that got created in this set of movie series. (you get the fairytale kind of vibes from here)in this movie. Supposedly “a small European state”. Her grandmom, however, thinks of her as below average and unworthy. She is here to step her foot down in the kingdom and say,” I am worthy of my title” (not literally but you get the point). 

Princess Diaries 3:Release Date

Here comes the part where I am HIGHLY disappointed. Princess Diaries 1 came out in 2001, and then you had the second princess diaries movie come out in 2004 and then guess what? They haven’t even decided what the SCRIPT should be yet. Yes, you read it right. The script is YET to decide. It’s been 16 years, but the plot/script has not even considered?16 whole years. Like c’mon, you have to wear some training shoes, buddy. The 3rd movie is supposed to come out in 2021, but I do not believe that. 

Princess Diaries 3:Cast

We have Anne Hathaway of course, but sometimes I wonder, has she changed careers? Sometimes she is singing AND acting; otherwise, she is also performing. I don’t get it. Why can’t she make it straightforward for us? Anyways, next, we have – Julie Andrews, Mandy Moore and many more. Many talented but famous as well, while some are solely acting for-profit and while the others are “trying” to show so-called “hidden” talents. 

Princess Diaries 3:Reason for cancellation

Reason for cancellation is them not being productive enough to get just a script and start acting upon it. Not really, but that is part of it. In contrast, the other part of it is simply this cruel, monstrous pandemic. 

Princess Diaries 3:Storyline

 You have the shy, “innocent” little girl (Mia Thermopolis as Anne Hathaway) who discovers that she is heir to the throne under the power of her estranged grandmother(Julie Andrews). She has one life-changing decision to make which is – shall she inherit the throne or shall she renounce her title for life? Mia is still trying to grasp up the fact that she is a princess, and during this whole process, she graduates from Princetown. She goes with her best friend, Lilly,(Heather Matarazzo) to Genovia. There, her grandmom comes up with a bright idea, so she informs Mia that if Mia doesn’t get married in 30 days, she can not be the heir to her throne. Nicholas Devereaux (Chris Pine) is one of her top suitors even though he is only more about the crown, but finally, when he realizes he is in love with Mia, he doesn’t pursue her. Are you okay? If you love someone, you SHOULD be following them, not pursuing them. I am speechless.  

Princess Diaries 3:Trailer 

Unfortunately, there is no official trailer as they haven’t even STARTED agreeing upon the script even though it has been 16 years. Like you have the first movie in 2001, second in 2004 and then they decide to abandon us till 16 years. Who does that? Nevermind about that, however, there is still some tea to spill so here you go! Enjoy!

That’s all the tea for today. The beans have thrown out for today. Stay tuned for more!