Youtuber star Mr.Beast got his accomplishment! To reach a Net Worth portal of $18 million and entitled YouTube’s Philanthropist!

So here we are discussing a 22-year-old successful YouTuber none other than Mr.Beast. He had gone through so many layered strategies to reach this stage. He is one of the wealthiest YouTubers in this phase. Nothing could take us to height without layerings of process, and so he does. So let’s assume you back to his journey.

Preface: Mr Beast

Mr. beast land on May 7, 1998, and grew up in eastern north of California in Greenville city. He completed his graduation in 2016 from Greenville Christian academy. Jimmy Donaldson, aka Mr. beast, was 2019 the most viewed YouTubers. Donaldson started his journey in the age of 13 with video game shows posting under the username “MrBeast6000”. But no one had a big direct jump to success and so what happened with him. At the beginning of his work, Donaldson attempted failures in mastering youtube and knowing the audience taste. He took almost years to gain the attention of viewers and knowing what content would re-echo with viewers.

In 2016 Donaldson joined college but lasted only two weeks in college before Mr.beast told his mom I would instead choose to be poor anything next to youtube. And later he said his mom let him out of the childhood house north Carolina at 18 because he wants his son to be successful and she loves me.

Success Story: Mr Beast

So Mr. beast started with his first attempt by youtube’s game algorithm. He moved through so many steps of trendings on his channel. These trends include highlights of funny albums in games “Minecraft” and “call of duty”, guessing YouTubers wealth, presenting tips and tricks to aiming creators, and explaining on YouTubers drama. In starting days Mr.beast himself made significantly less onset. Then in 2015-16 mr.beast started grabbing viewers attention and all thanks to his “awful intros” series of videos, which threw fun and rounded up at YouTubers launch that he invented on platforms. And the best result to his works worth in mid-2016 by hitting 30,000 million subscribers. For the first time, he went viral in 2017 when he posted a video playing counting to 100,000 which he later disclose took 44 hours to do. Later mr.beast said about the challenge” I just really wanted it”.

After the first viral video, he caught the youtube algorithm. He quickly gathered more views by similar stunts like 24 hours spinning a fidget and watching 10 hours straight Jake Pauls music video “its everyday bro”. He reached 1 million subscribers in November. Now Mr. beast had few videos which serve as nutrition on his channel.mr.beast also grabs attention by putting donations and charity stunts. By December 2018 he was titled with “youtube biggest philanthropist” as he had given out $1million through his actions.