WWE Clash of Champions 2020: Roman reign was a cruel, a perfect heal,Turn himself against the fans!

Clash of Champions is a Pay-per-view event in which all the WWE champions, fight against each other in the arena to prove theirs. It is like a mega festival for all the wrestling fans .every year it happens with a lot of enthusiasm, energy and power. COVID 19 pandemic and the restriction on the public gathering results in a bit dullness in the event this year but the franchise WWE network tried their best to do “WHAT’S BEST FOR THE BUSINESS.”
The event was full of ups and downs. The fight in the ring and outside the circle is entirely worth to watch. Wrestler put their best efforts to win. Some memorable performs there.

Let’s have a look at the most heartbreaking memorable moment of the event.
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The complete clash of champions sometimes ends up with the tears.
Roman reign the ” big dog ” is one of the most famous wrestlers through the world among the wrestling fans. His never Give up attitude, toughness, insane moments, friendship, rivalry all made us his die heart fan, but what happens in the event has completely changed our perspective toward reign.

The jay uso was complaining about his ignorance in the WWE Thunderdome. He complains that every time the centre of attraction is Roman, no one knows him. He was feeling inferior and ignored. Moreover, the way Roman talked to Uso was also not right.

Jay challenged Roman for the game for Universal title. It was not the match that the fans ever guessed. The way reign has won the game by the inch of Jay’s end is what made him against the fans.
He brutally beat the jay uso with all the ladders, chairs, steel steps and many other things. Jay nearly died.

His brother Jimmy uso come to rescue his brother jay from his another brother. Jimmy and jay have no idea, why the reign is sounding so cruel with them. Jimmy tried to convince him with his statements like – “we all from the same tribe, we had our food on the same table, we lived in the same house, we all are brothers, we all are family “. The aggression and anger In the eyes of Reign is something that fans had never seen. He is now totally against the fans.

The show was full of emotions. Fans were sobbing for the uso.

“The Roman reign is the new HEAL of the WWE universe.”