Drew Barrymore and Tom green’s reunion was delightfully odd, Charlie’ Angel’s reunion! Here’s a brief glimpse of the reunion!

In the set of the action-comedy movie, Charlie’s Angels(the year 2000), a beautiful romantic film was slowly developing between Drew Barrymore and Tom green.
The movie develops charmingly in just one year and they both married each other, but in the next five months due to misunderstanding and disputes, they divorced from each other.

Approximately after 15 years of separation, they were meet each other again on “THE DREW BARRYMORE SHOW”. In the approximately two decades of separation, they don’t even talk once to each other

The Drew Barrymore has invited Tom green as her guest in her show, and Tom green seem to be very happy with her invitation.

A glimpse of the reunion:

The reunion was full of emotions, joy, past sweet incidents, memories and many more. The Tom green was there with his Sweet little dog Charlie. Drew was utterly emotional during her show, her voice was expressive when she remembered the past incidents when she said all the things that were there, in some corner of her heart. It was an emotional moment for both of them as well as for everyone who is watching the show.

Drew told everyone that she admires Tom green’s work and his personality, and that was the reason why she falls in love with him. The conversation also includes Many sweet and emotional earlier event. The 15 years of separation was not easy for anyone of them.


Drew always stood strongly with Tom in his every up and down, she was with him in his struggling days when he started his show in MTV ” THE TOM GREEN SHOW ” and also when he’s facing the worst period of his life, the period of ” seminoma ” or ” Testicular cancer “.

They talked about how they met the first time. There first meeting was on the set of Charlie’s Angels and was became close friends soon. Drew and Tom were inseparable in there starting period, but the misunderstanding and the disputes result in the separation.

Tom thanked her for inviting him to her show.e also wishes her best of luck for her show and in her life.