“Molly Burke” lost her eyesight at the age of 14! Find out how she lost her eyesight and more!

Molly Burke or also as Molly Jane Lucy Burke, a Youtuber, who has been blind from forever. Not really, but it feels like that. She lost her eyesight at the age of 14 through a disease known as Retinitis Pigmentosa as her world started becoming darker and darker.

About: Molly Burke

As I mentioned, she is a YouTuber. She has 2 MILLION subscribers on there. Now, I hope that they haven’t subscribed to her JUST because she is blind, they should be genuine behind subscribing because she has the beauty and brains. Also, the fact that she has ONLY 2 million subscribers is crazy.

In 2019, which was one year before the pandemic, she released an audiobook on Audible. The book is known as: “It’s not what it looks like,” and I certainly agree. As humans, we live in a judgemental society, so it is straightforward to say anything and everything, however, half of the times that isn’t the case.

In most cases, you would hear – real friends stay together, but in her case, nobody stayed with her. In 8th grade, once she lost her eyesight, guess what she lost as well? Her so-called “friends”. It is utterly heartbreaking for anyone to go through.

Career: Molly Burke

Her career is being a YouTuber who has 2 million subscribers and about 100,000 views. To anyone who disliked her videos, how could you? Along with being a YouTuber, she gives motivational talks from her experience.

“Molly Burke” on how she’s coping with the blindness:

In 8th grade, whenever she used to go through a turmoil in her life, she would watch YouTube videos, and that would just put everything at ease for her. Hence, Molly started creating YouTube videos and trying to make people as happy as they could be so that they would never become depressed as she did. They can always be pleased by watching her videos, and she made them in the hope that she could entertain as well, not just give some motivational talks.