YouTuber KSI says he could beat Mike Tyson in the ring! Newbie fighter takes too much pride and gets trolled back!!

Well, the headline says KSI could beat the former heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson if they were to fight in a ring. Yes, you heard it right. Those of you who felt like this is superficial then let me tell you that it isn’t. Read to find out more of what a newbie fighter said about Mike Tyson.

KSI Could beat Tyson!

Overambitious or Prude? How would you describe this newbie who challenged the legacy of Mike Tyson? Olajide Olatunji also known as KSI, has left the fans in shock after what he said. The entire world of boxing is currently gushing about what the newbie said. KSI made his debut last year in November against Logan Paul. KSI VS Paul’s first fight ended in a majority draw but the second showdown witnessed KSI’s glorious victory over his American rival. Recently, in a YouTube channel Sidemen, he said that ‘he is undefeated and could beat Tyson’. An amazing display of confidence or foolishness? Only time will tell, but for now, he surely made it to the list of ‘Tyson Takers’. Well, as for the fans of Tyson, this news is instead a hysterical one without any ounce of doubt. If you’ve been following Tyson on social media, then you must know that the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ has been training hard for a comeback by fighting off Roy Jones Jnr. He is rather too busy to respond to such threats by some kid who’s just a show-off.


KSI’s remark earns him social media trolls

The new kid in the block at 27 says he is undefeated and even Logan could beat Tyson. Tyson is not just a legend but has a legacy that needs to be respected and admired. However, KSI says that ‘age is on his side’. He further indicates that Tyson is too old to fight and would lose in an instant. Age is a factor. Upon hearing such factions, the entire social media trolls him for his glorified nonsense.