YouTuber KSI makes absurd claims, amid Floyd Mayweather v/s Long Paul Humors! Here’s the detailed information about it!

Wrestling is one of the best sources of entertainment for all of us.
The legendary wrestler like Mike Tyson, Arnold, and many more are the fitness icon for the youth. Content creator like YouTuber loves to troll them.on the basis of the way they fight, the way they talk or the way they walk.

In the past few years, the connection between the YouTuber and wrestler is getting intense. For getting fame and name the YouTubers are challenging wrestlers to fight with them—the fight results in giving the fame and name to the YouTubers with a luxury paycheck.
Read the article to the end to know about the recent brawls and claims.

KSI absurd claim:

Olajide Olayinka Williams (KSI) Is a famous American Youtuber, who is renowned for his Rap and song. He is also a boxer.

Recently he gets into the limelight with his claim that he can defect the world champion “Mike Tyson”. His claim is base on the fact that he is younger and more energetic than Mike Tyson. Up to the date, KSI has only played a single pro wrestling match, which was against Logan Paul, in which he won that too because of a split decision.
The confirmation of the fight is still not announced, but if it happens, it will be worth to watch.

Logan Paul V/S Amid Floyd Mayweather:

KSI is not the only single YouTuber who challenged a wrestler for a pro match. The famous YouTuber, the actor, is also the one on the list. Recently the about a Pro match between Logan Paul and Amid Floyd Mayweather has got the attention, and now we can also assume why KSI has claimed about winning against the Mike Tyson.
Amid Floyd Mayweather is also a former world champion.

The rumour is still a rumour as there is no official announcement about this too.