“Houston Crosta”: Was the Pagani really worth it? Find out more about who he is, what he does for a career and why was his “dream car” junk!

Houston Crosta is a YouTuber AND a rental car company’s owner, that too in Las Vegas. I have a feeling that being a YouTuber has become a trend now. Just pick up the camera, do anything you want and get money for it.

“About”: Houston Crosta

Like mentioned before, he is a Youtuber AND a rental car company’s owner. His business has been going on since five and a half years now. He is obsessed with cars, and by obsessed, I mean obsessed. He was obsessive with the fact that when he met his wife, his wife’s friend wanted a GTR. Houston Crosta had a GTR at the time, so he introduced the friend to it.

He started having a dream which was to drive a Pagani Huayra, but when he did, it didn’t live up to his expectations of what he has thought. He would it be a hundred times * infinity kind of better, but it was nothing like that.

 “Career”: Houston Crosta

Like mentioned before, he is a rental car company’s owner AND a YouTuber. Why does he need so much money? Where does he spend it all? Is he using it for good causes’? Keep reading to find out, but the probable answers are 1. He doesn’t need it.2. Do not ask. 3. Probably not.

Pagani Huayra “junk” according to Houston Crosta!

September 27th,2016, he finally got a chance to drive his “dream” car, and it is not at all cheap. It is $2.6-$2.8 M so you can imagine how much that is. A comment that he made was “All you could hear was turbos,” and that is the worst quality a car could have. The car is super fast and bulky so it can be a total handful to drive it even for someone as experienced as Houston Crosta. Visibility is also an apparent issue as due to the fender-mounted mirrors, it just makes an average person go blind.