“Fortnite Season 4 week 5 battle tour”: How to destroy gorgers and snatch gatherers to win!

Fortnite is a gaming platform full of challenges that contenders face to seize some XP or to unlock cosmetic products. to collect some rewards and XP Fortnite weekly challenges are one of the prime ways. As marvel universe sounds excellent in itself and Fortnite season, four challenge theme revolves around this. Fortnite season 4 is far better than season 3 in challenges.so to unlock another season 5 challenge lets take you to a guided tour.

Start Mode: Fortnite Week 5 Guide

So, this challenge as season increase the challenge becomes a bit difficult. The first thing we should be aware gorge got hatch every time you enter in new gameplay. Firstly you have to find Gorger. To, track gorge location there will red laser players need to flash in the sky and once located be there.so here one doubt arises did gorge got hatch every time? So the answer will be no. It will hatch once during the first storm circle appears. Fortnite week 5 is a team play where Gorger gets down by the squads. Once players defeated Gorger, the challenge ended, and they will be rewarded with a cheering 50,000 XP to conclude this Fortnite week 5.

Intense Mode: Fortnite Week 5 Guide

The Gorger in the gameplay looks hefty class of gatherer. Some drones are there as a part of Galactus. For defeating gorge players require heavy armoury guns. Before turning into a clash with Gorger, players need to be prepared well. So a total of 2 ways are there to impose damage to Gorger. Players for winning this clash need to damage the two significant Gorger spots.

The two spot location is at the bottom and the eye in yellow colour. But Gorger is also equipped with shielding, were for the protection it starts puking gatherers. So it is sensible to pull down these gatherers because once they hatch, it will create problems for players.and once you have to pull down gatherers you can use itself against Gorger. The gatherers received will be itself a laser beam with more damage causing than regular shots equipped with infinite ammo.