Boogie2988 Fires hun at Rival YouTuber Frank Hassle during the confrontation!! More details about the conflict!

Nowadays, The primary source of entertainment is either the web series or YouTube channels. YouTube is a big community with various things in it, including comedy videos, leaked footages, informative items and many more. The YouTubers plays a significant role in providing the latest updates and information to everyone.

Having a brawl or word fight or trolling is entirely normal in the youtube premises. Still, harassment is something that is not at all familiar. The recent confrontation between two YouTubers boogie 2988, and Frank hassle is something that completely shocked every one all around the premises.

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The confrontation:

Recently Both of them joined a discussion with Daniel “KEEMSTAR” keem. In which the cross comments continue. William has notified Hassle more than five times that he will kill him if he arrived at his property.

Despite this warning, Hassle arrived in William city ” Fayetteville “. He paid a visit to Williams residence. As William has mentioned already that he will kill him if he comes to his place, he took out his gun and pointed toward Hassle.

The leaked footages have clearing showing that the William is holding a gun facing toward Hassle and warning him,h the assle was laughing and shouting,” Are you going to shoot me, at your doorsteps?”. After numerous efforts when Hassle didn’t depart. At last, He flamed a warning shot.

Reason of confrontation:

Steve J Williams popularly known by his YouTube name boogie2988 and Frank hassle the YouTube content creator, has recently fought in a confrontation, that was so intense that the police need to interfere between both of them. Steve Jay Williams aka boogie2988 post information and talks about our daily life problems like depression, mental issues, ethics and many more.
The brawl started when Frank hassle and his fans passed some offensive, abusive comments on William and his mental stability. From that time the passing of comments by Frank hassle and his fans is completely normal .on the other hand William was feeling harassed with these kinds of words and was trying to ignore them.

Eventually, The Hassle went back but also called the police. The footages and audio recording are with the police officer, and they are investigating it.
The whole incident shocked everyone. The level of harassment that Hassle and his fans give to William was not appropriate and can’t be considered as a trolling only.
Whatsoever the proceedings will be, Researchblaze will keep you up-to-date.
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