A thirteen-year Cancer Survivor got his dream come true when his toughest journey seems full of adventures and surprises by his own hero!

Just take you to a virtual world where you got to meet with your favourite star when you were a kid. The happiness and joy will go beyond any boundaries. And just not a meeting with the lead and that star give an amazing surprised birthday party on youtube. Yes, this all can happen when the dreams being the chosen one by god luckily. And now just come to the real world and tell you this all had happened actually. Let’s see the story.

About Rober:

He is one of the worlds famous and most fantastic YouTuber, and he proved once again by his works. He is a former engineer at NASA who does all crazy stuff or experiments and upload all of them on youtube and gets millions of views. Rober also uploaded Fletcher 13ths birthday party video on Sunday night. He also said that it is something he had planned in 8 months. And fletcher’s birthday videos has got more than 6.5 millions views.

A glimpse of a rocky river:

So a guy rocky river a young cancer survivor got this bundle of joy because of his parents, his hero. He is from northeast Ohio thirteen-year-old Fletcher Rollinson, of the rocky river. He makes most of his tough time of chemotherapy smoother by watching Mark Robers videos. He is undergoing with PPTID or pineal parenchymal tumour of intermediate differentiation which a rare case of brain cancer and Fletcher is sixth kid diagnosed with this.

Where all started:

Fletcher’s mom Megan Rollinson reached to Rober when Fletcher was first diagnosed with a brain tumour in last July. Mrs Rollinson said that they move to st. Judes and ended there and got an excellent surgeon who took out the entire tumour. By the end of March, the family got to go home to a rocky river. Rober meets Fletcher for the first time when he has undergone his 2nd round chemoradiation. Mark reached out to Fletcher parents and said he had this idea. He wanted to present an epic surprised birthday over Fletcher.

The Rollinson along with fletchers friends gone to California for a party on 22 Aug one day before his bday. The party was with all precautions due to covid-19. The party also allowed Fletcher to join, in setting the record of worlds largest elephant toothpaste fountain and devils toothpaste explosion. Fletcher’s parents said they are glad and thankful for showing support during this challenging journey. And for presuming something beyond it takes lots of energy and time to plan, Megan Rollinson said.