Xbox game pass will be more entertaining as it includes elder scroll 6, starfield, and all other Bethesda game!

As we all know that the multi-billionaire company Microsoft has brought the rights of ZeniMax parent company, with all its other sub studios. ZeniMax is an America parent video games holding company. It incorporates Bethesda Game studio, ZeniMax online studio, Arkane, MachineGames, and Tango Gameworks with ID software,” Doom Developer”. Microsoft has brought Rights for a deal of 7.5 Billion dollars.

The Microsoft is now the legal owner of all the games that were published under the name of Bethesda play earlier.

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Microsoft officials have already announced that the official Xbox game pass will be available from mid-September 2020. The official Pass for the PC for the games like doom eternal will be single before this year ends.

The games like Starfield and Elder Scroll 6 not going to be launch in the next few years. In 2018, during a presentation, we had seen the small teaser of both the games, but still, after two years, we have received no information regarding both games.

Bethesda and Xbox officials cleared that after this deal there will be approximately 100+ games available in the Xbox gaming pass that were earlier need to be purchased separately.


Microsoft has increased its number of studios from 13 to 25. This increase in the number of studios will help Microsoft to include the future games of Bethesda studio on the Xbox on the day when they launch. It also announced that the first-party games like elder scroll six and doom eternal would also be available in Xbox gaming pass.

Microsoft gaming pass users are increasing day by day. The deal with ZeniMax increased this number in a sudden. Two of the Bethesda games already announced as a PS5 exclusive, way before the agreement with Microsoft; hence they might not be the part of Xbox gaming pass. Those two games are:- DEATH LOOP and GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO.

The gaming pass will also be available with other console purchases like Xbox Series X and S.
Soon those console will be available for booking online. Go and grab the one.
Let’s hope that we will be able to play these games as soon as possible.
Stay tuned for more details!