“Google Meet”: Is the paid version of Google Meets any better? Find out more about the shocking Release date, Features, Price and much more!!

Google Meet, another app that is there in this world for doing meetings or chatting with friends. A duplicate of zoom, I must say, however, Google Meet allows sixty minutes or one hour of free use while zoom mostly allows unlimited but in some cases decides to abandon you in the first forty minutes itself.

Google Meet: Release Date

While most of you know, I’m sure most of you will be shocked to learn that Google Meets had started on May 15th in the year of 2013. That is a whole of seven years where most of us were living under a rock. Why are we using it now all of a sudden? It is because, during this monstrous pandemic, we have no option but to do most of our daily routine online, including me, myself doing this article online.

Google Meet: Features

I have been using Google Meets to say that it doesn’t have a lot of unique features. To say that it only provides us with sixty minutes of free time, admit someone without just allowing them in and hardly any security after that is a massive disappointment to all of us. When I say there is no security after admitting someone, I mean it. You can quickly mute someone, remove them from meetings considering there is no option to make anyone “attendee”.

Google Meet: Price

If I had to pay for Google Meet to give me many more features, G suite ENTERPRISE would cost me $25 per user for every month. Not that expensive right? Wrong. If you are paying for anything, you would expect much more features however you can STILL invite ONLY 100 people at once.  Even zoom when paid can invite unlimited people. How different is Google Meet when paid? Hardly anything because without paying itself, you can ask a hundred people with time-limited, but that’s all.

I’m sure zoom is better, what do you think? Let me know down in the comment section. That’s all for today, hope you enjoyed!