Apple turning to be Good or Worst or All in one? Are we smart enough with our favourite!Let’s take a roll-on this!

Critics are raised against Apple in running a monopoly power in the field of mobiles connecting the users. Now the Apple company is getting challenges to run its store from owners of companies including Facebook Inc.Spotify technology SA and Fortnite maker epic games Inc. According to analysts, the Apple store on an average generated almost $15 million sales for the unwieldy technologies. Apple argued in its favour that it collects a small percentage in sales that is nearly two millions apps on play store and also added that they are in line competition with other companies marketing sales.

Fee conflicts:

Companies accusation on apple is regarding its excessive fee demand and now forcing them to allow alternate payment mode in digital transactions. Apple takes 30% deposit sales on paid apps and digital commerce, but their fee is in line as of google play store and Samsung electronics co.’s Samsung galaxy store. These overcharges are about to support the extra charges in security and privacy policy.

Another part a new version of epic games Fortnite which insert its payment mode for the game played on ipads and iPhones. As soon Apple got to know removed the app from the store, giving a reason for a violation of Apple store rules. Now both the companies are appealing to each other, demanding to take back the app in-store with their payment system. But Apple is rejecting this in the sake of unfair business practices coming over. A final judgment came in which the Apple can keep Fortnite out but can’t block the epic access to developer tools for update purpose.

Payment sources complaints:

The 30 % commission of Apple on digital services is like someone being purchasing weapons in epic game Fortnite, but no Starbucks Corp coffee purchasing is available on the mobile application. The subscription charges increase to 15% over 1st year from apple store. Software developers also need to submit some amount to apple for the distribution of their apps on Apple store. These charges exclude non-profits and government entities.

To avert, Apple cuts Netflix inc and Spotify to download the apps from their website and are out of the store. It does not allow companies offering more fee than Apple’s fee where consumers go and subscribe to their apps.

Apple’s next step:

Over many years Apple faced lots of criticism from other companies but never underground against its opponents. But customers complaints on Apple iTunes music service and e-book is to target source revenue. The chief executive Tim Cook has set at the heart of bulk techs in future. Still, it is unsure whether the conclusion will control the rules of Apple or will go in the pace of repulse drive.