“Apple Series Three Watch” reported bugging alert with customers as new update repeatedly rebooting!

Apple is known as one of the best selling company with the best quality assurance. It is launching new updates revised. Therefore last week, Apple released one of its product watch os7 along with ios14 and ipados14-to the public domain.

The uprise of a new product marked the launch of some desired qualities. Still, cranky enough, the launch by Cupertino giant is smashing some smartwatches, especially the watch three series products.

Users complaint:

Following installation in watches 7, some users of watch series 3 raised their issue on glitching in wearing watches. The major problem customers are unaware of the random reboots issue, as it shut down 3 to 4 days in a day and restart itself, leaving clueless to users.

Some Other Issues Apart From Glitch:

Besides of reboot issue, series three watch also showed some performance issues after updation of watchOS 7.users complaints are coming forward in huge perspectives regarding their smartwatch some says it becomes laggy. In contrast, others stated of difficulty in connecting with iPhone as during this cause glitches, facing complications on watch faces, opening MacBook, and showing of performances rate, other things.

What Should Apple State On This Bug?

But surprisingly apple not given any statement regarding this bug issue and not even acknowledge the updation issue on big watches. Meanwhiles being irritated by watch series 3, users are just taking a way out of it. The only solution to get rid of this issue is to downgrade back to watchOS 6. At this time it is also unsure how widespread these issues are becoming.

Incremental Update, One Hope For A Solution:

As Apple users are aware of that apple releasing watchOS 7.0.1 had some incremental update features to settle bugs, but none of them is helpful right now. No cumulative update is resolving issues. Expectedly, the company will issue cover that may point the glitches for good reasons.