Oneplus 8T with unique features of 4500mah battery to speed up charging time and to minimize the heating effect company confirms!!

The company launched one plus 8 with 4300mah battery with a storage capacity of 128 GB. But this is taking a lot of time to charge. But with the evolving technology, new features as bounties to us are evolving as well. New models, new devices are developing, and the technology sector is expanding on a significant scale.

The company came up with surprising news for launching one plus 8t having an extraordinary feature of 4500mah battery which will popularly be known as the” the wrap charge 65″. This feature is just like a miracle and is a different and suitable experience for the company which permit the smartphone to charge faster than earlier one.

Specifications: One plus 8t

The company confirms this news with the announcement posted on their community post stating that they are happy to verify with the launch of one plus 8t with 4500 mah battery on October 14. The battery is in the form of dual cell batteries which help to keep the phone at average temperature even when we are using it while charging. It will also include 6.55″ 120Hz full HD+ flat liquid display + HDR10+ support.

Users will be surprised to know that it will charge up to 58% battery in just 15 minutes. More amazingly, it will charge up to 100% in only no time, less than an hour to be precise in 39 minutes. But this is not the end; the company also says that they have added to minimize the heat decadence they have inserted new heat dissipation.

More unique features: One plus 8t

More to these, there are a lot more features. Stated few like the latest model will include the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor instead of the Snapdragon 865+ chipset. For getting amazing pictures and having a great experience for video call, they have 16MP shooter in front.

It is said to come with quadrant setup of the camera with a combination of primary lenses with IOS of 48MP, the ultra-wide sensor of 16MP and importantly monochrome snapper of 16MP. It will have 12GB of RAM and internal storage of 256GB, which is a significant feature. One plus 8t price is looking forward to rising to approx rs.51,700, which is likely to be a reasonable price and is going to be available at amazon. So be ready to secure the smartphone with the latest technology. For more updates, stay tuned!!