“Nvidia RTX 3090”: Was this really worth it? Find out more about the Release Date, Price, Features and much more!

This massive GPU is with TITAN class performance. It is a graphics developing platform by Nvidia, which is aiming to enable ray tracing in real-time. It can be a gaming device which is far better than any GTX one. Disclaimer:- It is one of the MOST expensive gadgets that you could find until now. So, is it worth it or not?

Nvidia RTX 3090:Release Date

What are you waiting to arrive? Christmas? Go and buy it now at your nearest retailer. Sounds like an advertisement, right? The point is that it has reached and is available anywhere and everywhere you go. Now, will it be cheap? Is it worth it? Keep reading to find out. It released one day ago(24th September 2020) and has minimal stock. Be one of the few people to get it right now. I promise you; it won’t be a waste of money.

Nvidia RTX 3090:Features

Guess what? It is one of the fastest gaming devices on the GPU market and is even capable of 8K gaming. Yes, that’s a very high resolution which means some outstanding quality you are going to get there.24GB of memory, which means – keep storing and keep on holding (Finding Dory). Is it affordable, though? I don’t know why don’t you tell me. Also, yes that’s probably the only GOOD features it has because what’s going to come to you next will be a shocker.

Nvidia RTX 3090:Price

Did I say it was worth it before? Yes. But do I still believe the very same? Not at all. It is entirely ridiculously priced. Who prices it from $1399? That is way more than my school fees also but at least with school; they are providing education. In this, is it worth it to waste all your savings? In my opinion, not. Use it for something way more productive and cheap.

Nvidia RTX 3090: Are other gaming devices better?

I am not 99% sure but rather a 100% sure that anything would be better than this piece of disgust. How is Nvidia planning to make it affordable for everyone? They didn’t even think about that at all. I mean, why would they? Nvidia is just a money-making racket after all.