“Amazon Luna”: Any chance of it being better than Google Stadia? Find out more about the Release Date, Features, Price and many more interesting details!

Amazon Luna is one of the many gaming devices that can be used by an individual. It gives not only 100+ games but also is at a very cheap rate. Anyone and everyone can afford it. The “Netflix of games” is very well included compared to Google Stadia.

Amazon Luna: Release Date

It is miserable that at this particular time, Amazon Luna is unable to launch right now because as we are talking or reading this article, there are many lives lost. By now you know that the pandemic or COVID-19 has stopped not ONLY the specific film productions but also many game launches and all businesses that you could ever think off. It is said by many that in an estimate if one year or 2021, I may say, the launch shall take place.

Amazon Luna: Features

There are many features such as you can have about 100 games or more, it is only $5 a month, which isn’t that expensive. If you use the gaming device, you will be able to see Twitch streams for games. If you wish to add a pair of a keyboard and a mouse or a Bluetooth game controller, you are more than welcome to because they have both options. It can stream up to not a resolution of 600, not 1000 but a resolution of 1080 which is high quality. It is pretty easy to use as it is very similar to Xbox controllers. Yes, you read it right, Xbox controllers.

Amazon Luna: Price

Like I mentioned before, it isn’t that expensive as it is only $5 a month and that is pretty affordable by most.

It is better than Google Stadia!

It is a hundred times better than Google Stadia is what I hear as it offers 100 games or more. Not only but the price is affordable compared to Google Stadia. Google Stadia offers ONLY 25 games which are nothing, and none of them are ones that you would be interested in as a customer. Also, Google Stadia keeps delaying the actions which ruin the whole flow of actually playing.