Amazon’s new Ring drone stops the world’s most hapless thief in bass-slapping ad!! Click to know it’s Latest updates, Release date, and features to know!!

How often do we feel insecure in our own homes? A lot of times we are petrified to leave our humble abode, or we tend to lock up everything diligently thinking this might prevent any theft or mishap. However, irrespective of these measures it is sometimes not possible to avoid unfortunate events. This is where Amazon steps in and drops the most important news that there could be. Yes, it’s the new Ring drone that can presumably give you a prominent picture of what’s happening in your home.


Well, as much as we would like to see the product or even use it, we will have to wait. The product is not available until next year. Furthermore, this new hardware announcement in 2020 made by Amazon has up the ante for other online brands in the race. So far the company had decided to put up a short ad for Ring’s flying drone camera, ‘The Always Home Cam.’


Talking about next level indoor security, ‘The Always Home Cam’, a small drone costing around $249 is coming to our rescue now. Who knew when Jeff Bezos said back in 2013 that there would come a time when drones would take over the deliveries, a small camera attached to a drone hovering over the heads and keeping an eye inside our home is not what any of us thought. Is it? But here we are. Let us quickly go through the little bits and parts that we have discovered about this new product now.

The latest 30-second snippet of the work tells us that in the absence of an owner when a burglar tries to break in, the drone’s security alarm is automatically tipped off and the owner can get the live view via the drone that pops out to record the events. Talking about the noise then it is a regular drone buzz noise, but it indeed won’t bother you but the thief who would immediately flee out. Other features of the drone include it being very compact and lightweight. The flying drone, integrated with propellers, ring alarm and video recording at 1080p has undoubtedly taken the edge off in the race of hardware developments.