Maya and Anna are back with “Season 2 of PEN 15”! Read about its Release date, cast, plot, storyline and other essential points you should know!

OP KlPEN15 is one of the most entertaining and relatable series for the teenager and to the one who had already undergone through it. The film is entirely base on the real-life experiences of young teenagers. The dilemmas and problems that one encounters during this period are express in such an attractive manner that everyone could relate it to their personal life.

You will also come to know that how a single mistake can completely change your life.
Season 1 is full of drama and comedy with no perfect storyline, but an arrangement of few events in a suitable and crispy manner that won’t let you be fatigued. It contains a few adult scenes and strong content.

There is a piece of good news for the Fans of PEN15 that is about the Release of Season 2.

Release date:-PEN15 SEASON 2

Season 2 will be a 14 episode series with two parts. One part officially released on September 18, 2020, with seven entertainment-packed episodes, and the other part will broadcast in 2021. But official dates are still TBA

Cast:- PEN15 SEASON 2

The cast of SEASON 2 will be the team of Maya Erskine playing Maya ishii Peter, Anna Konkle playing Anna kone, Mutsuko Erskine playing Yuki Oshii Peter, Richard Karn playing Fred peters, Taylor Nichols playing Curtis kone and many other Talented actors.

Plot:- PEN15 SEASON 2

PEN15 SEASON 2 will Continues from the end of the Season 1., which is going to be different concerning season1. Season 2, part 1 will be related to finding oneself, and PART 2 will be associated with More matured content.


Storyline – PEN15

The story revolves around the two best friends Anna and Maya, who became teens recently. The story follows the struggle and the complications of a young teen to adjust in their new teenager life. The cringe events, the hilarious parts, the Serious problems of teenage make it a perfect teenager film.

Trailer:- PEN15 SEASON 2