Good Omens Season 2: Release date, caste, storytelling review, trailer and everything you need to know!

The story revolves around its three main protagonists, the angel Aziraphale, the demon Crowley and the young eleven years old boy Adam who is going to demolish the whole world. It’s a tremendous web series which pictures, how two people against each other come together for their shared love for the earth and unitedly stops the child who is going to destroy the world.


Release Date: Good Omens

At this moment, there is no release date of Good Omens season 2.

With the release of season 1 of  Good Omens on the march, 2017 at Amazon prime the web series has accomplished positive reviews from both critics and viewers. Fans undoubtedly demanded for season 2.

The creator and writer,  Neil Gaimen, refused the extension of the series. Gaimen said that he always planned for only 1 season.

But this doesn’t put an end to season 2. In an interview, Neil Gaimen said ” He is busy with other projects but will consider the season 2 of Good Omens”, but does not make an official announcement.


Cast: Good Omens

Director Douglass Maickinon has top picked one of the best actor suited for this role. Some major characters are as follows

Micheal Sheen is playing the role of Aziraphale

David Tennant is playing the role of Crowley

John Hamm has done astonishing job as Archangel Gabriel

Adria Arjona looking good as Anathema Device

Miranda Richardson fits into the character of Madam Tracy

Frances McDormand has shocked viewers as  God

Sam Taylor Buck has done great as Adam Young

There are many more minor characters in Good Omens. Some more name may be added on season 2

Plot: Good Omens

There is not even a single hint by the writer about the Good Omens Season 2, which left us with little hope prediction. Of course, the story will continue with the friendship of Aziraphale and Crowley. They,  together with tackling every obstacle on their way, protecting the earth from its enemy.

Storytelling: Good Omens

The story starts with the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley, both busy in their world completing individual jobs and of course, doing jobs oppositely as they differ both in nature and profession.

Sharing affection for the earth, the demon and the angel comes together for a mission to stop a child who is going to destroy the world.

They started working as a nanny, and a gardener in the child’s home influence him in a positive direction. While this, their friendship deepens. The twist in the tale comes when they recognise that they were following the wrong child. They realised it late as Armageddon is just to begin. They battle at Tadfeild airbase to avoid Apocalypse.

Review and trailer: Good Omens

Good omens have 8.1 IMDb rating and 84% rotten tomato rating.

Currently, no trailer for season 4 is available.