“Fitbit verse 3”: Release date, Features, Comparison, Prize and other comprehensive information!

Fitbit Inc. announced a series of three fitness and health tracking smartwatches and Fitbit versa 3 is the next version of the Fitbit versa 2 of Fitbit inc. Fitbit Inc. is an American electronic and fitness company that mainly deals with the interaction of fitness and technology.
Versa 2 of Fitbit is already one of the best selling health smartwatches in different parts of the globe. The Fitbit verse 3 Will be available with more advance features soon.
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Release date:- Fitbit verse 3

The Fitbit versa 3 is available for the pre-online booking way back from Aug 25. The Company has announced the availability of Fitbit versa 3 in the stores from September 2020 onwards, but due to COVID pandemic, the Fitbit lovers need to wait for some more time.
The official dates are still TBA.

Features:- Fitbit versa 3

Fitbit 3 will be an upgraded version of Fitbit versa 2.All the features and Technologies that are there in Versa 2 will be in the upgraded form in versa 3. The design of the body will still be the same as it’s predecessor but the superelastic silicon “infinity band” will make a markable difference. Different bands will also be available at extra payments. The available colours will be Pink clay, midnight, black.
Versa 3 is the first watch of the Fitbit series that includes GPS in it. As it is an upgraded edition of versa 2, many of the features are approximately same in both the versions.

24-hour heartbeat check, sleep tracker, activity tracker are available to oversee your health yourself. Versa 2’s major complain was related to the voice search of Alexa and Google, but in versa three, this technical issue has fixed. You can make call handsfree and also send them the voice mail.
Fitbit versa three will support the Deezer and pandora music services with also supporting the Spotify player too.

Prize:- Fitbit versa 3

The cost of Fitbit will be least in Australia and slightly more in the other parts of the world.
In Australia it will cost around 21 thousand rupees, in the US and UK it will cost approximately 22-23 thousand.
In India, it will cost approx. 26 thousand rupees.

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