All American Season 3, Daniel Ezra and Taye Diggs will be RETURNING, Release Date, Cast, Plot and much else to know!

All American is honestly the best sports drama ever so far by the one and only awesome creator April Blair. The series has completed two seasons for now, and indeed, it won every fan’s heart out there. The beloved game football is something, which has inspired this entire beautiful series, very well. In contrast, the story-line is revolving around our main hero Spencer James a well-talented football player. This mind-blowing series works on the life of one of the most cherished American football player that is Spencer Paysinger. The premiering of the first pilot episode, which belongs to the first season of this great series, was on October 10, 2018.

Release Date: All American Season 3

On January 2020, we fans got the fantastic news of the renewal of the third season by CW that is way before the second season ended. Probably premiering of All American Season 3 would have been on October 2020, but CW has made no official statement. Hopefully, we fans would get to see the fantastic season soon.

Cast: All American Season 3

As per the past two seasons, we will surely get to see some renowned personalities showing their awesomeness in this season too. We would see Daniel Ezra as Spencer James, Taye Diggs as Coach Baker, Karimah Westbrook as Grace James and Bre-Z as Tamia Coop. There is also a huge chance to see Jalyn Hall as Dillon, Chad Coleman as Corey, Michael Evans Behling as Jordan. Other cast members include Samantha Logan as Olivia, Cody Christian as Asher, Greta Onieogou as Layla and Monet Mazur as Laura in the upcoming season.

Plot: All American Season 3

We have seen in the past episodes of this beautiful series that how our hero Spencer, an ambitious football player gets an offer to come from South Los Angeles to Beverly Hills via a scholarship as the Coach, Billy Bake notices his passion and skills towards football. The entire journey beautifully shows us various ups and downs, twists and plots on the life of our hero as well as on the football ground. On the end of the season, two w saw Spencer making a life-changing season to play his senior year of football at Crenshaw to increase his high school’s popularity and save it. Coach Billy Baker, in the entire season after having a tough time, decides to move as a coach in Crenshaw along with Spencer. On the other hand, Olivia struggles with her drug addiction, and Jordan finally gets into a severe relationship with Simone. In the upcoming season, we will get to see what happens in each of their lives in detail and also as we saw Mo decides to take revenge on Coop so in this season we might see what Mo is planning to do. Along with that, we will also get to know that whether Asher was successful in getting back with his mom successfully or not. Along with this, we will get to know how Coach and Spencer are going to live their life in Crenshaw.

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