Sinister 3, Ethan Hawke and James Ranson will star, Release Date, Cast, Plot and Storyline.

The chances of the release of Sinister 3 are almost negligible. The first sequel of Sinister received lots of appreciation but the second sequel was a complete disappointment for the fans and critics. Jason Blum, who produced Sinister 2, confirmed that there would be no Sinister 3.

Sinister is a  supernatural horror film series written by C.Robert Cargill along with Scott Derrickson who also directed the first sequel of the series. Although Derrickson wrote the second sequel with Cargill, Ciaran Foy directed Sinister 2.

Release Date: Sinister 3

The first sequel of Sinister released in 2012 considered as one of the best horror franchises by Hollywood. It was a super hit in the theatre and appreciated by the audience.

The second sequel of Sinister released in 2015 disappointed the fans and critics and resulted as a flop. There will be no third sequel for Sinister to release.


Cast: Sinister 3

There will be no cast for Sinister 3. The main cast of the previous Sinister sequels consists of Ethan Hawke as Ellison Oswalt, James Ranson as Deputy So &So in both the sequels. While Sinister 1 had Juliet Rylance as Tracy Oswalt, Fred D. Thompson as Sheriff, Clare Foley as Ashley Oswalt and Michael Hall D’Addario as Trevor Oswalt. The cast of Sinister 2 had Shannyn Sossamon as Courtney Collin,  Robert Daniel Solan as Dylan Collin, Lea Coco as Clint Collin and Dartanian Sloan as Zach Collin.

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Reason for Cancellation: Sinister 3

Sinister 1 made fans excited for the second sequel of Sinister. The fans anticipated Sinister 2 to be more thrilling and scary than the first. But the release of Sinister 2 crushed their expectations and led to a rash flop of the sequel in theatres. According to the critics, Sinister 2 was not “scary”. Both Jason Blum and Scott Derrickson even apologised to the audience, and Blum stated that there would be no Sinister 3.

Storyline: Sinister 1 and 2

The storyline of Sinister 1was a complete catch for the audience. Oswalt family shifts into a new house where a family was murdered by hanging the family members on the tree at the backyard of the home. The story becomes tense and horrific when a fact about the Stevenson family( the family murdered earlier) reveals. A 10-year-old girl who was the youngest member of the Stevenson family disappeared during the time of the murder.

Although the narrative seems similar to Sinister 1, Sinister 2 has a ” not so good” storyline. It is about that a murder mystery discloses by a nightmare of a 9-year-old girl. A family burnt alive in a disguise of scarecrows in a cornfield. There are no further updates on Sinister 3, but we will make sure that you stay updated, so stay tuned!