“Homecoming-Season 2”: Janelle Monáe, Stephan James, and Hong Chau stole the show in Homecoming-Season 2!! Everything explained!

The season 2 of Homecoming connected all of the loose ends that season 1 left off with, finally making the viewers stop scratching their heads. Read more to find out everything about it!

Holding an Approval rating of 58% on Rotten Tomatoes as of now, the second season was a mixed bag, unlike the first season, which revied a rating of 98%. Read more to know everything about the new season!

Release Date: Homecoming Season 2

The Emmy and Golden Globes nominated psychological thriller, and an Amazon Prime Exclusive, Homecoming season 2 released on 22nd May 2020. A trailer for the second season also dropped a month earlier, leaving the fans excited, and captivated for the new season. Season 2 was a series of 7 episodes, each consisting of 26 minutes.

Cast: Homecoming Season 2

Despite still being an executive producer, the first season’s lead protagonist Julia Roberts didn’t feature in the second season. The lead for this season, however, is Janelle Monáe, being cast as Alex, the woman seen on the boat in the first scene of the series, and also shown in the trailer. Also joining her, are oscar winners Chris Cooper and Joan Cusack, playing the role of Leonard Geist and Francine Bunda respectively. Again returning to the second season is Stephan James as Walter Cruz and Hong Chau as Audrey Temple.

Plot: Homecoming Season 2

The second season takes off with Jackie(Janelle), on a boat and she has no idea who she is or how she ended up in a boat. Eventually figuring out her name from the military ID, she sets off to find more about her identity and her current circumstances. By the end, we learn that Jackie is Alex, who was on a mission to track down Walter Cruz(a military veteran and part of the Homecoming project of the Geist Group), as a favour to her partner Audrey Temple. Cruz wanted to take revenge from the Geist Group for trying to erase his memories using the berries that can extract and wipe memories, and pretty much succeeded in doing that, using the very same berries. By the end of the season, he went out on a journey to find out more about himself.