Midsomer Murders Season 22, John Barnaby and Nick Hendrix will RETURN in the upcoming season.

The crime drama having a mysterious story-line got originated from the novels in Chief Inspector Barnaby book series and is increasing its fans following ever since the first season got premiered on 22 March 1998. The entire detective drama having around 4 to 8 episodes in each season is entirety based on detective Tom Barnaby and later his cousin John Barnaby and how they have been solving all the murder cases in their unique style successfully. Most of these mysterious cases and incidents take place in a fictional deadly village of Midsomer in the entire series, and thus by this way the fantastic series gets its name Midsomer Murders.

Release Date: Midsomer Murders Season 22

Being one of the most renowned and this impressive series has been running for so long but still we fans can never get enough of it. The latest season that is season 21 got released on 21 January 2020 but the next season of the series has not got renewed yet. Also, if the series get renewed by the end of the year, it would be hard for productions to start anytime soon as we all know that Corona has brutally attacked the industry. There has no official statement made by neither the creators nor the lead actors and thus we fans cannot do anything except waiting.

Cast: Midsomer Murders Season 22

We have seen dazzling actor John Nettles from the very first season of the series till season 13. As for now in the latest episodes that are from season 13 to 21, we got to see the charming actor Neil Dudgeon playing in his role as John Barnaby correctly. In the upcoming season indeed John Barnaby will return along with Nick Hendrix and Fiona Dolman as Ds Jamie Winter and Sarah Barnaby respectively. There might be few new faces also seen, and we have a chance to see Annette Badland again as Dr Fleur Perkins.

Plot: Midsomer Murders Season 22

According to all the previous seasons, it is expect-able to see some new extraordinary, mysterious cases again and along with new faces addition, the story will have some nice plots and twists. As all the episodes are standalone, the detailed report is not known yet, but fans can hope to see more in detail about our detectives and Midsomer as the creators have never disappointed their fans so far.