AJ and the Queen gave conformation that Season 2 is CANCELLED, Cast, Storyline, Reason for Cancellation and more!

One of the renowned comedy-drama series is AJ and queen, which has been entertaining every fan’s heart ever since the series got premiered on Netflix. The story revolves around Robert/Ruby red as Hector has cheated her and now is left homeless. Ruby/Robert plans to travel from one city to another along with AJ a 10-year-old recently orphaned child who accidentally meet each other and the entire series is based on their journey together. The fantastic series had ten episodes in it which was indeed well created by RuPaul Charles and Michael Patrick King.

Release Date: AJ and the Queen Season 2

This series was released firstly on January 10, 2020, having ten beautiful episodes the show showcased the importance of being loved and not to forget to mention, many fans liked the simple, heart touching and the sweet story-line for sure. Sadly it was soon announced by RuPaul that there is not going to be a season 2 of this series. Undoubtedly fans were devastated hearing this news. Still, there has not yet made any statement regarding the renewal of the series.

Cast: AJ and the Queen Season 2

We did see few famous and cherished personalities in the first season of the series which includes RuPaul, Izzy G, Michael-Leon Wooley, Josh Segarra, Katerina Tannenbaum and Tia Carrere. They played their treasured roles as Robert Lincoln Lee/Ruby Red, AJ, Louis Bell/Cocoa Butter, Hector Ramirez/Damien Sanchez, Brianna Douglas and Leilani Kala’i/Lady Danger respectively. There were also few other cast members such as Victoria “Porkchop” Parker, Jinkx Monsoon, Katya Zamolodchikova along with others who played their roles as Porkchop, Edie and Magda respectively.

Reason for Cancellation: AJ and the Queen Season 2

As only the streamers can decide on either cancelling of renewing the upcoming season, streamers RuPaul and Michael Patrick King chose not to keep the show going on. There are not any specifications given neither by  Netflix nor by the creators for not releasing season 2. Hence the real reason for cancellation is not known. Netflix released the news regarding the cancellation of season 2 on March that is two months later the first season got premiered. It isn’t clear that whether it got already planned only to release a season 1 of this remarkable series or they didn’t find a good plot or any good reason to keep the series going on further. However, creator RuPaul did thank for all the support and love mentioning that he was proud of all the hard work by the team.

Story-line:  AJ and the Queen Series

The series came to an end in its first season itself as our drag queen is accompanied by AJ who has set out in search of her “Pop-Pop” that is her grandfather. The road-trip dramaturgy beautifully got developed, and the growing bond between AJ and Ruby was something that will melt your heart. At the end we see AJ’s mother, Brianna is finally free of drugs, and also AJ realizes that the address where Robert dropped her doesn’t belong to her grandfather because everything about her grandfather was a lie told by her mom. Soon Brianna and police officers find AJ who runs away again, and they also find Robert comforting her. Well, finally the mother and daughter reunite although Robert wanted to adopt the child the series comes to an end in a sentimental but a happy way.