Man With A Plan Season 4, Matt LeBlanc Starring Adam Burns RETURNS to CBS for the Final Time in April 2020

We all awaited the unique show featuring an old-school guy confronting the modern challenges of parenting, marriage, and family. Everyone wanted to see more of the contractor who navigates the difficulties of parenthood. Well, guess what? It’s back with the fourth season!
 Man With A Plan, an American sitcom television series, revolves around the difficulties of a father when his wife goes to work. Created by Jackie and Jeff Filgo, the series stars Matt LeBlanc, who is also an executive producer. Showing an exciting perspective to parenthood the series had a run of four seasons before being cancelled. Although the show ratings have consistently been low, some viewers still enjoyed it quite a lot. As such, many desire for a new season even now.

Release Date: Man With A Plan Season 4

The series first premiered on October 24, 2016, and ran till June 11, 2020. It had a full four seasons comprising 69 episodes and renewed May 10, 2019. Season 4 ran from April 2, 2020, to June 11, 2020, for 13 episodes. The series received the new premiere date and a time-slot on January 28, 2020. For the first three seasons, it broadcast on CBS’ Monday night comedy lineup, before being to Thursday nights for the fourth season. It cancelled after the fourth season on May 6, 2020.

Cast: Man With A Plan Season 4

The main cast includes Matt LeBlanc in the role of the protagonist, Adam Burns. We get to see Liza Snyder as Andi BurnsGrace Kaufman as Kate Burns and Hala Finley as Emme Burns. Viewers also witness Matthew McCann as Teddy Burns, Matt Cook as Lowell Franklin and Diana-Maria Riva as Mrs.Rodriguez.

Plot: Man With A Plan Season 4

This season focuses on Adams problems with his wife and his responsibilities in handling the children. Adam and Andi have disagreements on their choices to doctor’s advice. Adam finds himself in trouble when he has to cover for Joe. Chance of Lowell getting back with his cheating ex-wife makes Adam and Don overprotective of him. Further disparities between the married couple make them end up in couple’s therapy. Adam and Andi attempt to liven their social life by befriending new people. Adam forgets about his 20th marriage anniversary.

Storyline: Man With A Plan Series

To allow his wife to return to work freely, an old fashioned father, Adam Burns, undertakes the responsibility of his children. He decides to look after his unruly and rambunctious children, namely Kate, Emme and Teddy. Adam is also a contractor by profession. He must now learn to balance his profession and parenthood duties while managing them both efficiently. He must deal with his overbearing father, Joe, as well.

Trailer: Man With A Plan Season 4